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Feb 01, 2011
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Suppose you were Inspector Cyndi, a Viennese detective on loan to Rhode Island  – tasked with finding “who dun it” among a thriving population of immigrants, merchants and the super wealthy living in Newport, Rhode Island in 1890. In this video game you (as the Inspector) travel the streets and mansions of Newport gathering clues and finding hidden facts as you solve crimes.

Inspector Cyndi games include: “What happened to the Downstairs Maid?”, “The Forgetful Sailor”, “Fall from Grace”, and “The Unfinished Symphony”.  And that is not all! Younger children will enjoy accessible word games and puzzles, which  include “Tippicanoe”, “Slider”,  “Raindrops”, and “Orchestra”.

These game and many others offered by “Simply Entertainment” are fully accessible via speakers and the sound card on your computer. These games will play even on computers that do not support JAWS.

Simply Entertainment sells accessible puzzles, word games, and video games for ages 5 and up with exciting stories, sounds, and visuals. You can find games for all players at :

Many more accessible games are available on this site:

Author: Tanya

  • Cyndistar


    Thanks for the kind words. We try to make our games playable by everyone.

    Inspector Cyndi
    7-128 Software

  • Tanya Whitehead

    I am so glad that you found the article. I am sure that parents were delighted to find a new game that was accessible. Kudos to you, for making your games playable. Tanya