Ultimate Mountain Gig Competition Won By Ultimate Wheelchair Adventurer

Jan 27, 2011
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This fall, Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah, asked people to apply for the “Ultimate Mountain” gig. The job paid $40,000 salary and required only four months of work that included blogging about their experience four times a week. The winner could ski for free, live at the Waldorf Astoria for free, get all new ski gear, spa treatments and more. And The Canyons has the first ever heated-seat ski lift in North America. Applicants needed to use “mountain” as a verb. If you liked the cold, snow and skiing — it was the ultimate job.

As you can imagine, hundreds of people applied with “How I Mountain” videos.

ABC4 announced that the Canyons selected two “Ultimate Mountain” winners. One was Kaylin Richardson, a two-time Olympian and four-time Alpine National Champion. The resort also chose former British soldier and Iraq veteran Andy Campbell as a winner. “Andy broke his back in a climbing accident and uses a wheelchair. But that hasn’t stopped him. He skis, paraglides, canoes and does anything else he can in the mountains,” ABC4 explained.

Fascinated, I checked out The Canyons about Andy page.  Andy is a “former British soldier and veteran of many recent military operations, including Iraq.  Andy was paralyzed from the waist down after a climbing accident in 2004. Just one month after being discharged from the hospital where do you think Andy went? The place where he feels most at home – the mountains! From paragliding and mountain biking to shark diving and skiing, Andy lives by the motto emblazoned on the back of his sit ski – ‘Die Living.'”

Andy Campbell is an amazing athlete and his story is definitely inspiring. He’s all about ability and not disability. Instead of his accident breaking his spirit, he traveled around the world to work with various organizations “to improve the quality of life and access to specialized adventure equipment for those with disabilities.”

He doesn’t look for the easy way to do things, but the fun way, he said in his video. Here is Andy’s winning video application:

You can keep tabs as the story continues by reading Andy’s Canyon’s blog or following @Andy_Campbell, “Wheelchair Adventurer and geek” on Twitter. He’s posted his first “job” video as a thank you to The Canyons.

If you are interested in other snowy stories, NCPAD has also covered Navigating the Snow and the Wounded Warriors Ski Competition.

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