Monica and David: A Love Story

Jan 27, 2011
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After Monica and David, both in their 30s, met and fell in love, they became engaged. That is when the hullaballoo really started.

As a young couple they seemed like good candidates for marriage. They treated each other well, they got along well with each other’s families, and they enjoyed doing the same things. But both Monica and David were diagnosed with Down Syndrome, so it was not commonly believed that they were capable of a long lasting relationship or marriage.

Monica’s cousin, filmmaker Alexandra Codina, felt that the couple were as well- prepared for marriage as was anyone else she knew. So she grabbed her camera and began to document the couple’s engagement, wedding, and first year of married life.

Codina directed and shot the movie to document the story of two people in a relationship that lead to commitment and marriage. That fact that the both members of the couple have a diagnosis of DS only added to the richness and complexity of their interactions with others in their families and in the community.

You can learn more about the film, which won “Best Documentary” at the Tribeca Film Festival, by following this link:

Author: Tanya