The Heart and Strength of a Lion

Jan 20, 2011
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As the journey began to become a NCPAD blogger, I vowed that my writings would not be of a personal nature.  My goal was, and still is, to educate, enlighten, and empower in a general manner and to touch as many people as possible through social networking.  Oh well, the best intentions often go astray.  I realize now that my personal knowledge of individuals with endless capabilities can be an asset, and can help others understand that firsthand experiences provide opportunities to educate, enlighten and empower.

Smile, don’t cry.  I was in Texas recently on business meeting new colleagues and making new friends.  At the end of the day the group finished with a holiday dinner and much conversation.  We were all relating personal stories and getting to know each other better.  One question led to another, and I found myself discussing my daughter.  As I finished the brief story of her car accident and subsequent paralysis at the age of eighteen, the woman next to me began to cry.  She then had all the usual questions.  Does your daughter live by herself?  How does she get around?  Can she work?  I just smiled and said “please don’t cry for my daughter”.  My daughter doesn’t want tears. She is a woman who is independent; is an actress and a director of local theatre; has traveled the world; is an advocate for those with mixed abilities; and, has given me the ability to put everything in perspective in my own life. She has the heart and strength of a lion.

What does this mean?  After all this time and after all we think we have accomplished with the Americans with Disabilities Act, there is still so much room to educate, enlighten and empower.  We have made great strides, but there are continual opportunities to send a message to others.  Let’s all smile for those we know who have inspired us, and let’s teach others to do the same thing.

Author: Cary Wing

  • Kwiley01

    Nicely said, Ms. Wing.