Congress Rejects $250 Payments for People with Disabilities

Dec 27, 2010
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The House of Representatives has filed H. R. 5987 – – Seniors Protection Act of 2010.

The House of Representatives and the Senate were asked to consider legislation that would provide a new type of stimulus payment to people with disabilities that is similar to the Social Security payments that were given out last year.  The people who would have qualified to receive the payments were seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities who receive Social Security.

The one-time payments were proposed in October because there has been no cost of living increase for people with disabilities for two years in a row.  Under this measure about 50 million Americans who have disabilities would have received a one-time payment of $250. A similar payment was given to them in 2009.

In the House members voted in SUPPORT of the one-time payments with a vote of 254 in favor to 153 against.  Despite the majority vote in favor of the payments, the bill did not pass because a two-thirds majority is required for this type of bill. In the Senate 60 votes “Yes” were needed for the bill to pass, but the bill received only 53.

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