Don’t Miss What Group Fitness Has To Offer!

Dec 17, 2010
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I love working out on my own. I feel at home in a gym. There’s something deep inside me that loves cranking up my music and getting down to business in a weight room. I usually have no desire to interact with anyone else while I am exercising…I get consumed in my own world. An empty weight room is one of my all-time favorite places.

Over the past couple years, though, that has started to change – and I have started to LOVE group fitness classes. This love began when I started teaching indoor cycling classes and grew from there into every other type of class imaginable. I find that I get some of the best workouts in group fitness classes. An added bonus is that for formats that I am less comfortable with, like yoga, I have an instructor there to guide me.

If you enjoy creativity, freedom of movement, camaraderie, variety, and just a whole lot of fun…group fitness might be the perfect way for you to get your physical activity.

Most exciting of all, I have seen some of my favorite types of group fitness classes get adapted so that people of all abilities can enjoy them. The classes at the very type of my list of favorites include indoor cycling, Zumba (aerobic dance), and yoga. Below is a brief description of why I love these classes and videos of how they have been made to be more inclusive.

1. Indoor cycling (made more inclusive through KrankCycling)

I am a fairly competitive person, so the athletic and intense nature of indoor cycling is what originally drew me in and has kept me coming back for more. But what I love about teaching this type of class is that it really can be adapted for individuals at any fitness level. ..without anyone else having to know what level you are working a

Watch the video to see how KrankCycling has created more inclusive options.

2. Zumba (made more inclusive through Zumba Gold)

I love to dance (even though I’m not exactly the best at it) and that is what caught my eye about Zumba. The class consists of a series of dances set mostly to latin music and allows you to move your body in all sorts of different ways. The best part is, though, that nobody can do the movements quite like the instructor – so, instead, everyone just has a really good time doing the best they can. I love it!

Watch the video to see how people with less dance experience, limited mobility, and lower fitness levels can be accommodated in Zumba Gold.

3. Yoga (easily modified to be more inclusive)

I always thought that yoga would never be for me because I like more “intense” workouts with loud music and sweat running down my face. I quickly realized that although the music isn’t quite so loud and upbeat, yoga can be just as intense as any other workout – and challenges my body in ways I never thought possible. I am now a firm believer that everyone should at least give yoga a shot, and should probably practice it regularly.

Watch this video to see how yoga is so easily adapted for people of all ability levels.

There are so many other kinds of group fitness classes – this is just the tip of the iceberg. And, with the right instructor, they can all be adapted for people of all ability levels. Water fitness, pilates, boot camp, toning, step, Jazzercise, and BOSU are just a few of the other group exercise formats that I have found to be really enjoyable and a great workout!

Author: Carolyn