Getting Creative to Beat the Winter Blues

Dec 14, 2010
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I look forward to winter for many reasons. With winter comes the holiday season…full of love and joy. I love how beautiful snow can be and how much fun it can be to play in it or go ice skating outdoors. I even love the cold weather sometimes because it makes coming home that much more exciting. But, snow and ice present some real issues for everyone in regards to getting where you need to go.

People often say to me that since I used to be a figure skater, then I should have no issue when the sidewalks get icy. They couldn’t be more wrong. I would estimate that I slip at least once a day, and at least once a year I take a big, hard fall. Luckily, I usually bounce back up with more of a bruise to my ego than anything else. The ice and snow can become even more of an issue for people who use assistive devices such as wheelchairs or canes and for people with balance impairments.

Regardless of your balance or what devices you use for mobility, winter brings about new challenges for maintaining physical activity levels. Often, advice on how to increase physical activity levels involves outdoor activity. When being active outside becomes too dangerous or impossible, getting active inside becomes a necessity. For those that do not have at-home exercise equipment, creativity is essential for maintaining activity levels throughout the winter.

Here are some ideas for staying active this winter:

  • Body weight activities. Do exercises such as push-ups, tricep dips, or squats that do not require any external resistance. For those exercises that usually require external resistance, do more repetitions so that your muscles are still challenged.
  • Use home items as weight. Get creative with what you already have at home. Maybe you can use soup cans, candles, or milk jugs.
  • If you can, purchase in expensive equipment that can easily be used at home for many different exercises. This may include resistance bands, stability balls, light dumbbells, or ankle weights.

This guy’s got the right idea on how to get creative!

Author: Carolyn