13 Deaths in 10 Years at Alden Village North Nursing Home in Chicago

Dec 09, 2010
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It was a cold day in Chicago  on  November 19, 2010, however that did  not stop a coalition of disability rights activists from Chicago ADAPT, Power to the People,  Community Renewal Society, Jane Addams Senior Caucus, and others  in staging a protest against Alden Nursing Homes. The groups rallied at corporate offices of Alden Management Services  at 4200 W. Paterson, in Chicago. The protest was in response to the numerous deaths because of abuse and neglect  that have taken place at Alden Village North, a nursing home facility for children with severe disabilities.

There has been 13 deaths of children at Alden Village North, a nursing home for children with severe disabilities,  since 2000. All of  these cases have resulted in citations for neglect or Alden has failed to properly investigate the deaths. Under current regulations Alden is not required to investigate the deaths of children at its facilities.

Over the past several years the Illinois Department of Health has issued over $190,000 in fines against the facility over the years, but the nursing home has only paid about $21,000 of those fines.

The goal of the protest was to get Floyd A. Schlossberg, the founder and President of Alden Management Services to sign a pledge promising to stop the cycle of abuse and neglect  that has resulted in the deaths and  to pay the fines placed on Alden by the state.   The groups at the protest demanded to speak with someone regarding these issues and spent over 30 minutes in the lobby of Alden Management Services. The pledge was delivered,  however, Alden Management Services refused to speak to protesters and sign the pledge.

Presently, there are ongoing investigations  into the deaths at Alden.

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  • http://elvnprograms.org Angie (LVNProgramsStudent)

    I really just don’t understand what makes it such a problem for people to be alluded to provide quality care to older or even kids, that are disabled and need a caretaker. This is just crazy, along with your other article I really think that once I get inside the healthcare system I will definitely blow whistles at people doing crap like this.