Nov 30, 2010
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At this joyous season it is a bit surprising to reflect upon the many little hurts and wounds children can receive.

Whether the pageant is at school, choir, Scouts, or church it is soon apparent to everyone that there are few really good parts; and often only one star.

Sometimes the part goes to someone who is clearly best suited for it. When a talent for singing or playing the flute is called for, we can all see who should be chosen. But many times the child who already seems to have everything is the one who is selected for the lead role.

It can be difficult for the rest of the children to feel pride in their smaller and less noticeable part of the production; especially if they had set their heart on the lead role and had practiced diligently before auditions.

I have found it helpful to take the disappointed child outside on a clear night and just look quietly at the stars for a while. Gradually, you might just point out that there are many, many stars. Some are closer so they seem brighter, but all of the stars have a beautiful golden light that is enjoyed by everyone around them. And all of the stars together are what give us the beautiful, mysterious, and mystical nighttime sky. Without any one of the stars, we would certainly be missing something very special.

Author: Tanya