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Nov 25, 2010
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About this time of year we enter the festival of foods and family: Thanksgiving.

And Thanksgiving Day is just the beginning of the party season with its abundance of cookies, candy, pie, cakes and other delights of the season.  It brings us joy to share delicious foods and special drinks with our family and friends. Delicious at the time! But we are so sorry afterwards.

Many of us spent the summer outside exercising and enjoying active summer days, and we just finally lost the weight we gained during last winter! What can we do to keep from gaining weight again this winter? Good question! Especially since we already know the answer and we don’t want to believe it’s true. We know that to keep fit we have to eat fewer calories and exercise more; the same way that we did over the summer months.  It is hard to do this, when everyone around you is eating treats. It is hardest when someone says, “I made this especially for you!” How can we hold onto our healthy lifestyle given the saturation of opportunity to overeat and the group pressure to indulge? While what we should do is already well known to us all- maybe by reading and sharing these tips it may help us to hold onto our own healthy lifestyle and support those around us.

We can take some steps to make party time less of a disaster from a standpoint of our diets. Some ideas for a lower calorie party time are:

1. When we make treats to share with others we can use low fat / low sugar recipes.

2. Eat a good low fat/ high protein meal before going to a party so we are not hungry when we arrive.

3. Stay away from the chips, dips, candy and frosting.

4. Put a small amount of your favorite things on your plate, eat slowly, and don’t go back for seconds.

5. Bring beautiful fresh fruit to share, popcorn without butter, or low sugar fruit pies.

6. Bring high protein meat trays to share, rather than sweets.

7. Bring fresh vegetables with a delicious new low fat dip to share. It will look pretty on the table and give those who want an alternative to rich foods an option.

But one of the keys is to be firm with ourselves and committed internally to our better selves. We will find it easier to stand firm against temptation if we:

1. Weigh ourselves every day.

2. Wear form fitting clothing that won’t fit if we gain weight.

3. Eat before we go to the party.

4. Allow ourselves only a certain number of calories per day, including those eaten during a party.

5. Increase our exercise time to keep our metabolism high and burn more calories.

Know that all around the country there are many of us working – as you are- in living healthy lifestyles. Happy Thanksgiving!

Author: Tanya