What Kind of Society Are We?

Nov 24, 2010
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I recently read about a lawsuit filed by a girl here in Chicago against her condo association (http://www.chicagotalks.org/2010/11/17/building-resident-files-discrimination-complaint-against-condominium-association/). The plaintiff is a young girl in her 20’s who uses a wheelchair and also has a dog but apparently dogs are only allowed to enter/exit the building through alternative routes . . . . which in this case are not accessible. I realize I don’t know the whole story. That I don’t know what emotions, attitudes, or circumstances people are acting (or reacting) to, that I am not privy to any potential solutions or suggestions that have already been attempted nor the reasons why those solutions didn’t work, or weren’t accepted. But it does bring some of my own more parental fears to surface. Like, in what kind of society am I raising my kids?? One in which we have so little compassion or tolerance for one another that we can’t find our own solutions to (seemingly simple) conflicts?? One in which aesthetic concerns or adherence to by-laws, or possibly just our own pride, is more important than bending the rules a little bit to create a more accepting and inclusive environment?

Again, I’m sure there are important considerations that I am just not privy to or thinking of in this particular situation, so I won’t pretend to know who is at fault or what a proper solution would be. Neither party may be outside of “the law” and completely within their own rights, but sometimes it’s got to be more than just making sure you’re not technically doing anything wrong. I just don’t want to live in a world where resolvable conflicts have to be decided in court (and I’m married to a lawyer so suing could be considered job security at my house!).

Lift my spirits people! Write in and share your stories of how the world IS changing and that my children will get to experience one of compassion, not charity, but compassion. Plain old care and consideration for one another. At least I can turn on Nick at Nite and see it . . .

Author: Blythe