86-yr-old Bedridden Granny with a Disability Tasered Twice by Police Officers

Nov 23, 2010
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From the land of wow-that’s-crazy comes this story of an 86-year-old bedridden grandmother with a disability who police officers tasered twice, stepped on her oxygen hose until she couldn’t breathe, and then sent her to a psychiatric hospital for six days.

Hearing the 911 call made by her grandson, Lonnie Tinsley, he said he was unsure what medication his grandmother had taken and that he feared she “wanted to end her life.” He requested that an emergency medical technician come to her apartment to evaluate her.

Yet according the lawsuit (PDF) that was filed in an Oklahoma federal court, it was not the paramedics or an ambulance that responded. Instead, “as many as 10 El Reno police” arrived and “pushed their way through the door.” The grandmother, Lona Varner, who was lying in bed hooked up to an oxygen machine, responded by telling police to get out of her home.

Police admitted tasering the suicidal 86-yr-old woman in her-hospital type bed to incapacitate her after she told the police to get out. According to The Oklahoman, Officer Duran wrote in a police report that Lona Varner pulled a kitchen knife from under her pillow and threatened to kill him. The officer added she raised the knife above her head and said, “If you come any closer, you’re getting the knife.” The cop allegedly tried talking to her to calm her down but “nothing would work.”

Leaving the room must not have occurred to the ten cops since the lawsuit states, “The police then proceeded to approach Ms. Varner in her bed and stepped on her oxygen hose until she began to suffer oxygen deprivation.”

Because the bedridden grandmother sat up a bit straighter, Officer Duran stated that she “took a more aggressive posture in her bed,” and that he was fearful for his safety and the safety of others.

Tinsley said, “Don’t taze my Granny!” But the cops said they would taser him instead. Tinsley was wrestled to the floor, handcuffed and forcibly removed from his grandmother’s apartment to wait in the back of a police car.

The lawsuit states that officers fired tasers at the bedridden woman, hitting her twice, “causing burns to her chest, extreme pain and to pass out. The police then grabbed Ms. Varner by her forearms and jerked hands together, causing her soft flesh to tear and bleed on her bed; they then handcuffed” and arrested her.

That’s when the cops freed the grandson from the back of police car to ride in the ambulance with his granny. She went from the emergency room to a psychiatric ward “at the direction of the El Reno police; she was held there for six days and released.”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/AnotherDemocrat-Here/100001688179937 AnotherDemocrat Here

    I know several stories similar to this are very true, indeed. Happens more often that you think.
    My husband (a retired Ordained Methodist Minister) died last year of Alzheimers. I took care of him for 99% of the time.
    The police are abusive; and they are stupid enough to think any and all calls they get are criminals trying to inconvenience them. Police need to grow up before they apply for a job at any police department.
    I remember several situations that I should sue the local police for. And my husband was in no way irratated. He was sweet and friendly. It was mostly in other ways they abused the both of us, mainly me.
    Long story I can’t get into here, but when the 2 of us educated professionals, quite and sick and/or disabled can’t get decent treatment from the local police, then there is more wrong with them, like mentally ill police officers. They should have their badges totally ripped from them.

  • http://petermilley.wordpress.com/ Peter Milley

    Freedom is slavery.

  • Anunomus

    the punishment for the “officer” and I use that term very, very lightly should be having his sack tazed twice and have that mofo locked up for a couple of weeks on a psych eval because he is obviously a sociopathic sadist and a serious danger to others! But seriously, he is the one who needs the psych eval.