Worst Bachelorette Prank EVER Leaves Bride-to-be Paralyzed & Unmarried

Nov 22, 2010
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All kinds of crazy things might happen at a bachelorette party, but the bridesmaid’s prank left the bride-to-be a quadriplegic and unmarried.

25-year-old Rachelle Friedman and her bridesmaids had been out celebrating with her friends when they decided to swim in the backyard pool during her bachelorette party.

“It all happened so quickly,”  Friedman explained to ABC News. “We got home, ran upstairs and changed into our bathing suits. My best friend – and she is still my best friend – she playfully pushed me in like we’ve done a million times. It was playful, but it went wrong. It was a freak accident.”

“I instantly went stiff and couldn’t move,” she said. “I weirdly did not panic. I kind of knew exactly what happened and I floated up to the surface and said, ‘Help!’ and then my friends called 911. I remember when they were pulling me out of the water I could see my legs below me but I couldn’t feel the water on them.”

Friedman was about to marry her “very first boyfriend.” The couple had been together for five years and had been engaged for a year. Virginia Beach, VA, doctors determined that Friedman had suffered a C6 spinal cord injury which left her unable to feel anything below her neck. Doctors also told she would not walk down the aisle; in fact they told her that they expect she will probably never walk again.
Friedman and her fiancé, Chris Chapman, have learned the cruelties connected to Medicaid. The couple cannot marry. Friedman depends upon Medicaid to pay the expenses for her therapy, wheelchair, medication, and ongoing treatment care. If she married, their combined income would send her over the limit and make her ineligible for Medicaid coverage.

Yet Friedman remains with an upbeat spirit. She said, “I was always kind of scared something was going to mess up my perfect world. But I’ve learned that even if things do change you can still make your world perfect.”

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    I am reading it and watching your video I was whopped and I would say you are the best way to motivate other people, I do agree with what you said, it is we who change world according to our need, even the world changes.