A Real Class Act: Bus Driver Steals Passengers’ with Disabilities IDs

Nov 04, 2010
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With the economy as it is, times are tough for everyone, but there is no excuse for this “class act.”

In Orlando, Florida, MV Transport is contracted by LYNX to pick up people who are physically unable to drive. A LYNX van driver used her position to target passengers with disabilities and then steal their IDs. She then would use the stolen information to apply for credit cards from places like American Express, Walmart, and Chase Bank.

When a Florida news crew asked her, “Stealing IDs of people with disabilities? Do you have anything to say at all?” Watreka Ligon refused to comment. After she was arrested, a federal judge released Ligon until her trial, but did require her to wear a GPS monitor.

One of LYNX passengers who was not victimized, JoAnnBurrage, told the news crew, “For somebody to steal your identity, to pretend that you’re disabled, is wrong.”

After a seven month investigation, it was discovered that Watreka Ligon used her position as a van driver to target her victims. Ligon was accused of stealing the identities of her passengers with disabilities and opening credit accounts with their personal information before stealing thousands of dollars under their identities.

Ligon opened a post office box so all credit account mail would be sent to her there, instead of being mailed to the primary address of the victims. Her victims had no idea she was using their information to open accounts and charge thousands of dollars under their names.

Florida court records from October 1st indicated that she pleaded guilty to 27 counts of wire fraud, aggravated identity theft and trafficking in a counterfeit device. Ligon is facing more than 20 years in prison. She is scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 15 in Orlando federal court.

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